IMK beveled straight knives are a durable, high-quality cutting solution for OEMs looking for cost-effective stock blades and end uses looking for an application-specific solution.

Our beveled straight knives have been proven to be cost–effective for our customers because of the balance of hardness and strength. IMK can and will supply you with the straight knife that best suits your needs either by manufacturing your knife to your specifications or by replacing an OEM knife blade. We have the technology to produce a superior straight knife no matter what application.

IMK offers a variety of OEM replacement and common straight knife styles. In addition, we will gladly work with you to develop a custom solution that gives you the ultimate cutting edge.


Choosing the right material for your application plays a major part in the overall success of the cut and overall longevity of the blade. Different blade compositions may also be used to prevent reaction or material degradation between the blade and the product being sliced.

IMK straight knives are available in a number of different materials to best suit your specific cutting application:


The cutting edge of each IMK straight knife can be customized to provide the cleanest, most efficient cut possible. We'll optimize your cutting application with custom straight blades with profiles for numerous industries, including:

Meat/Food Processing Paper Plastic
Foil Bakery Rubber
Printing Packaging Tube Manufacturing
Foam Confectionary Leather
Corrugated Products Textiles Wood Products
Cheese Fruit Vegetables
Fiberglass Glass Tobacco
Seafood Film Vinyl

Our blades are configured for several applications, including:

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Whether you're searching for a standard or custom set of straight knives, you can trust IMK.

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