Planer Blade

Can Planer Blades be sharpened after use?

Planer blades have two parts: the bevel and the back. The aim of sharpening your planer blades it to get these two parts as smooth and flat as possible so they can intersect. The flatter and smoother they are, the sharper your planer blade will be. Let's take a look at how to sharpen wood planer blades. The angle of the grinding bevel is about 25 degrees for a plane blade and as low as 15 degrees for a chisel – there is no standard angle. Planer blades can be sharpened or are resharpenable and in block use pressure springs to position the blade to define the cutting circle by setting gauge. Planer blades come in different materials HS, HW and coated. They can fit into alumiumin bodies and steel bodies.

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