Perforating Machine Knives

Perforating knives can puncture or cut various materials for a specific length. These knives cut vertical slots into materials at a given length and then keep your material together for another length. A perforating blades perf is measured by “cut and tie” where the cut is the size of the cut or perf, and tie is the length of the remaining material between cuts. Perforating knives often cut against a backing, like a metal cylinder or smooth blade, to form repeated cuts.

At York Saw & Knife, our experts will work with your team to assist in deciding which type of perforating knife is the best fit for your application. If you are looking to enhance your current machine knife needs or try a new design, York Saw & Knife will help you create and manufacture a custom blade to fit your project requirements.


York Saw & Knife offers multiple types of perforating knives. We take pride in providing precision perforation knives of numerous forms with a high degree of flatness and straightness using state-of-the-art technology.

We supply the following perforator cutters for metal, plastic, paper, packaging, and more:


IMK provides perforating knives to fit multiple industrial machine applications. We've designed knives for use in materials like paper, cardboard, food, plastic, tape, and more.

Some examples of how these sectors use perforating knives include:

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