Uses of Paper Tube Saws

Our robust paper tube saws can deliver precise, clean and efficient cuts to a variety of materials outside of cardboard and paper. These additional materials include:


Reliable. Easy. Effective. Those are a few of the words our clients around the world use to describe our blades. Our standard and custom blades are trusted for cardboard tube cutting because they offer a superior cutting edge and blade hardness as well as the signature quality of knives designed and manufactured by IMK

To meet your facility's cutting needs and demands, we offer our tube saws in several standard thicknesses as well as custom ones. Use them to cut and divide cardboard tubes of paper, plastic, foil and tissue without hassle and with accuracy and speed.

With those kinds of cuts, you can save time and money by reducing your rework times and delivering finished products faster to your customers, which can go towards building your network of clients and your business' size and capabilities.


Outside of its role in cardboard tube cutting, our paper tube saws can also trim bulk quantities of cardboard and other materials. Prep or convert cardboard for use as a container, puzzle, fiber tube, display board and more with the precision, strength and cutting edge of our saws.
Trust them to deliver trims absent of the common inaccuracies saws from other suppliers provide. With the quality of our cuts as well as custom tooth grinding, you can give a higher-quality product to your clients and lower the amount of time spent trimming materials. And that can go a long way toward expanding your company, its services and its clientele.