Machine blades

What are machine blades?

Machine knives are industrial tools that have sharp edges for cutting and shearing operations. Applications for machine knives depend on blade design and include the manufacturing of paper, plastic, and tubing as well as other industries.

What we do:

Industrial Machine Knives cc or “IMK” as its generally known is a private company that supplies machine knives to a large variety of industries in South Africa and into Africa. Established in 1998, the staff all have many years of experience in the various industries and the knives, and applications used.

IMK imports and manufactures industrial machine knives to OEM standards as well as to suite the special needs of the customer. IMK is known for the quality and standards of the products sold. Pricing is considered competitive based on the high quality of the product. Tool Steels used when manufacturing are carefully chosen to suite the application. Imported Knives are from the largest and most professional overseas manufactures available.

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