Also known as “cut off blades” and “guillotine knives,” IMK industrial cutoff knives are a high–quality solution to packaging, converting, and processing applications utilizing a chop or swing-style cut-off operation.

Each of our cutoff knife products is expertly manufactured at our facility with the same precision and care as all our industrial blade products.

Whether you are an OEM looking for high-quality stock blades or an end user looking for a custom cutting edge for your specific application, trust IMK to deliver the ultimate cutting edge — our lead times are some of the best in the industry.


Choosing the right material for your application plays a major part in the overall success of the cut & overall longevity of the blade. YSK machine knives are available in a number of materials to

make sure your custom blades have the ultimate cutting edge:

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While the material that comprises your blade may affect its overall longevity, tooth geometries can be adjusted to help you cut clean & improve the performance of your cutting machines. IMK industrial cutoff knives can be engineered with a number of different tooth profiles to help you optimize your application:

Vari-Depth Cutoff Knives

V-Style profiles on cutoff knives offer countless options for edge geometry, serrations, and blade materials for guillotine-type cuts on films, papers, and foils alike.

In particular, both Vari-Depth and Hi-Low tooth profiles are designed to help make a cleaner cut that reduces the load on the cutting machine itself. Vari-depth (or vari-tooth) profiles help reduce machine stress when cutting tougher materials. While Standard V blades feature the tooth pattern at the same height along the width of the blade, Vari-Depth profiles stagger the teeth vertically to regulate actual contact between the cutting edge and the material itself. Instead of having to force every tooth to slice a material at one time, only a fraction are initiating the cut at any given moment.

Dissipating the cutting force in this manner helps limit stress on the material, the blade, and the machine itself – without the need to add more power to your machines or invest in new equipment altogether. Where Standard V configurations may cause blade bending or a less-than thorough cut, vari-depth configurations might work like a dream.


Hi-Low Cutoff Knives

The alternating tooth height (“Hi” and “Low”) still offers a level of dissipated force and can likewise help ease some cutting operations. At the same time, the base of the teeth are parallel like the Standard-V configuration, ensuring the full cutting surface will pass through the material in the given stroke.


Cutoff knives can be suitable for processing materials in every imaginable industry:

Packaging Converting Meat/Food Processing
Paper Plastic Foil
Bakery Rubber Printing
Tube Manufacturing Foam Confectionery
Leather Corrugated Products Textiles
Glass Fiberglass Fruit
Vegetables Cheese Tobacco
Seafood Film Tree Trimming

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